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For all your radiological supplies, we offer a complete line of radiation protective products, specializing in lead aprons available in various sizes, styles, colors, lead equivalents and weights to meet all your personal radiation needs. Our lead aprons and thyroid shields can be customized with logos and monogramming. We also offer lead apron and thyroid shield group rentals.

3232 Bennett Street North
St. Petersburg, FL

BandGrip®, Inc.
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BandGrip® is the first instant, non-invasive, painless, minimally scarring micro structure wound closure. It is quick and easy, taking less of doctors' time, providing possible faster healing for the patient, cost savings for the insurance company, and possible less re-admissions to the hospital. It is ideal for use by: ERs, EMTs, ORs, Ortho, Military, Minute Clinics, Nurse Practitioners, and home care.

311 S Wacker Dr.
Ste 650
Chicago, IL 60606
844.WOUNDCARE 844.968.6322

Ortho Biometrix
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The Knee Restraint System is a unique mechanical Surgical Assistant device which supports the distal thigh and allows manipulation and stressing of the knee joint during arthroscopic surgery.

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Winter Springs, FL 32708

Creek Payment Advisors
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Creek Payment Advisors helps businesses turn their accounts payable departments into revenue generators.


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The Ultimate Suture Cutting Tool
SutureOut was invented by Dr. Robert S. Backstein (MD, FRCS) is the first guarded blade specifically designed for cutting sutures. SutureOut is approved by Health Canada and has been available for purchase with Canadian Hospital Specialties, Medical Mart/MedLine, and Cardinal Health. The company continues to work on new innovations and has several currently in development.

Suite 300 - 5109 Steeles Avenue W.
Toronto, ON M5A 4M2

Comprehensive Equipment Management Corporation
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CEMC is a medical equipment service, management, and consulting company, with more than twenty years of experience in the biomedical and clinical engineering field.

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NEXT Medical Products Company
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Our medium viscosity gel is 40% less viscous than our high viscosity product. The gel spreads quickly and easily, yet provides optimal sound velocity and acoustic impedance. It is helpful for external ultrasound scans over larger surface areas, such as abdominal and maternal ultrasound procedures. The gel is water soluble and contains no dyes or perfumes to minimize skin irritation. It is available in squeeze bottles with choice of cap style and cubitainers, as well as in “LITE” single patient gel packets. To request a sample, click here and specify medium or LITE viscosity.

P. O. Box 5148
North Branch, NJ 08876
Order Phone: 800-458-4254
Order Fax: 908-218-3715

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Physician office furniture, blood draw chairs, Oncology loungers.

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This is the home of the first transparent brokerage for medical equipment, where sellers and buyers have true visibility into their transactions.

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Hilton Publishing, Inc. (HPC), a full-service publisher and media acquisition company, was originally founded in Chicago by Hilton Hudson, M.D., in 1996.  HPC has impressed corporations, hospitals and educational institutions with their ability to deliver: a one-stop-shop service model for content management and production, inspiring custom publishing projects for marketing and outreach, translation services, comprehensive printing services, as well as first-rate books for trade.

Hilton also offers virtual library and a robust Association Management Program which both are saving over 20% based on current spend.

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A Cloud based Remote Inventory Management System which manages the inventory process for pharmaceutical products within a hospital and satellite locations, Eliminates the significant inventory loss of expired products that do not qualify for credit, Substantially reduces the labor hours required to manage pharmaceutical inventories and, Greatly enhances patient safety and regulatory compliance.

The result is a powerful tool for health care organization pharmacies that removes the time consuming and costly inventory losses of managing inventories.

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You no longer have to use “make-shift” covers such as garbage bags, umbrella bags, plastic wrap or medical tape or heavy covers to protect a Cast, Dressing, Wound, IV or PICC when you need to shower. 

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Can meet all your printing, media, prescription sheet, admission arm bands, and printing needs

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Finally a background and credentialing company that manages all non-employee visitor guests, vendors, contractors, sub-contractors, service delivery personal...etc.